The Island's Game

Vancouver Island is widely recognized as a big game hunting destination. Hunters from around the world travel to the Island to experience a once in a life time adventure. An adventure so great that it belongs on your bucket list!

The Island is synonymous with giant coastal black bears and trophy Roosevelt elk. More recently, the handsome Vancouver Island blacktail has been drawing hunters to this sportsman’s mecca. Cougar hunting is popular on a will call basis and trophy lions roam the backwoods. Vancouver Island’s wildlife has been isolated from the North American populations for thousands of years, creating many unique, genetically pure populations of game that are available nowhere else in the world.


Coastal Black Bears

Where it all started... For over 30 years Vancouver Island has been THE destination for black bear hunters. Ursus americanus vancouveri, Vancouver Island’s cave bear, inhabit the Island in great numbers. Jet black in colour, some with a chest splash of white, with big blocky heads and giant paws, these Vancouver Island bears have many features that set them apart from their North American mainland cousins. Bears are pursued on coastal estuaries, mountain side hills and salmon streams, depending on the time of year and weather conditions. All hunts are spot and stalk, no baiting is allowed. Hunters traditionally see 5 to 10 bears per day and occasionally more. We aim to harvest mature boars 6 foot or larger and weighing 250 to 350 lbs. The average shot is 25 to 125 yards and we recommend a heavy bullet in a .30 caliber or larger cartridge.

Roosevelt Elk

Roosevelt Elk bulls, the Island’s massive 1,000 lbs stags, sport heavy, gnarled antlers, often crowned on top, unlike those found on any other North American elk. ‘Rosies’, a blue-listed species, are closely managed by wildlife officials. Rosie’s are blue-listed due to their pure genetics and isolation from other elk species, setting them apart from mainland Roosevelt elk. This close and careful management results in many Boone and Crocket bulls for our hunters. The season opens annually on October 10th, just after the main rut period. Harem bulls continue to guard their herd, or pull the hot cows to protected areas away from competing bulls. All hunts are free range, spot and stalk hunts along timbered valley bottoms or alpine meadows. Trophy quality is 300+ B&C and shots are 50 to 350 yards. A heavy bullet in .300 to .375 caliber rifle is recommended. Archery hunting is also permitted.


Columbia Blacktail Deer

Columbia Blacktail Deer are becoming a much desired Vancouver Island species thanks to exciting new DNA research that has been conducted into the history of blacktail deer. The research identified the early blacktail deer migration from a single refuge along the Pacific Northwest coast and re-colonization northward following the glacial retreat. The deer's migration route colonized Vancouver Island first and then northward to the Alexander Archipelago, where the Sitka blacktail subsist. Due to the migration and isolated marine environment of the Island, Grand Slam Club/Ovis (GSCO) recognized the Vancouver Island blacktail deer as Sitka for the Super Ten® and Super Slam® trophy record books. Vancouver Island offers one of the true, pure, indigenous populations of blacktail deer on the Pacific Coast, in an easy to access southern locale.

Blacktails can be hunted from September to December, with prime hunting during the November rut. Hunting is free range, spot and stalk, glassing or ground blinds conducted in the agricultural and backcountry areas. Trophy quality is in the 80 to 120 pt class, similar to Sitka deer. Shots are 50 to 350 yards and .243 to 7 mm rifles are recommended.

We pride ourselves on providing you a well managed, quality hunting experience. Our commitment is to take care of you like we would like to be treated. You can be confident we will take care of your friends, family and business colleagues like they are our own.