Hunt with Vancouver Island Guide Outfitters for Coastal Black Bear, Roosevelt Elk, and Columbian Blacktail Deer.

Renowned world-wide as a big game hunting destination, Vancouver Island Guide Outfitters provides the best that Vancouver Island has to offer. Lying off the Pacific Northwest coast, Vancouver Island is a land of towering trees, majestic soaring peaks and crystal clear rivers and streams. Surrounded by the cool clean waters of the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver Island is a sportsman’s mecca teeming with fish and game.

Vancouver Island Guide Outfitters boasts a guide territory of over 4,000 sq. miles of the most diverse and spectacular regions of the Island. From the wild and wet West Coast, to the warm, gentle southern slopes, we are the discriminating hunter’s choice for big game hunting on Vancouver Island.



Pursuit is what we’re all about

At Vancouver Island Guide Outfitters, we offer exciting spot and stalk hunting adventures, lead by your own experienced local guide. Our hunts are conducted via 4x4 trucks, boats, ATV’s and hiking. Day trips are taken into Vancouver Island’s hidden backcountry, exploring the remote reaches and secret hideouts of the coastal black bear, Roosevelt elk and blacktail deer that call the Island home. 

Your hunt, your way

Our team understands the varying physical abilities and desires of big game hunters and our hunts can be customized to meet the needs and abilities of the hunter. Whether you are looking for a challenging physical adventure or a relaxing vacation with family and friends, we will structure your hunt with you in mind. 



With such a large guide area, our experienced guides are able to spread the hunt out over the entire guiding concession. Accommodations vary from our base camp at a comfortable, private luxury lodge in Port Alberni to temporary stays in cabins and resorts stretched across the territory. We endeavour to provide top quality rooms and meals for our hunters, and this level of comfort and positive experience is part of what sets us apart from our competition. 

Our Guides

At Vancouver Island Guide Outfitters, we understand how important our guides are to providing an exceptional experience and hunt. Our guides are selected for their excellent knowledge of the guide area and the animals that we pursue. We know the importance of relationships and character and our guides are known for their friendly dispositions and their ability to develop ongoing friendships with their hunters long after the hunts are over. 

Join us for the hunt of your dreams and a lifelong memory of how good hunting can be!